Advice to new visitors

Are you planning to visit Sweden Rock Festival for the first time?

Great - we are glad to have you!


Below you will find a fix mixed tips that might be helpful: 


• Buy festival tickets from our web page only.

• If you are buying second-hand tickets, buy them at Tickster Resale.

• Sweden Rock does not run any of the camping sites; these are managed by private entrepreneurs or landowners. If you wish to book, you need to do it directly with the site of your choice. 

 • Pack clothes for all kinds of weather.

• In order to maximize your festival experience, read about the Spirit Sweden Rock. 

• Be on time for the concerts. 

• Be moderate when you drink alcohol.

• Decide on a meeting point with your friends, in case you loose sight of each other.

• Several of the camping sites offer alco-meters. Use them and be sure before you get behind the wheel.

• Leave valuables at home. 

• Have you lost something? Contact the police office in Karlshamn, phone number: +46 77 114 14 00.



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